The mcintosh family

Who is LJ McIntosh?

Illinois, Texas, Missouri, then Nebraska. Those are all the states I’ve lived in on my path to the life I live today. You might wonder well how did that happen? A combination of basketball and my wife is how I like to explain it. I’m originally from Riverdale, Illinois right outside Chicago. I played college basketball in Texas for a year and then transferred to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. That is when I met my wife who was a gymnast. Today we have two beautiful kids Braelynn and Beckham. Braelynn is 3 and is very outgoing. Beckham is 4 months old and is a very calm and happy baby.

Typically we are trying to stay busy with playing outside and going on walks, but if we aren’t able to we have to get creative inside to keep up with Braelynn. Arts and crafts, movies, making up games whatever it takes to have them with zero energy at the end of the night.

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